Workforce Development

The City of North Miami understands that a skilled andGroup from the Workforce Development Education Program Holding Certificates educated workforce is the best way to help grow a community’s wealth from the inside out. While the City of North Miami does not provide job placement services or skills training directly, it strives to connect residents with skills training programs and educational opportunities by working with a number of partners to help equip North Miami residents with training and job placement.

North Miami Adult Education Program

Funded via the City of North Miami’s general budget, North Miami residents may enroll in North Miami Adult Education Center General Education & Technical Programs free of charge. To learn more about North Miami Adult Education Center’s free tuition program for North Miami residents, or to see a complete list of programs offered, please visit North Miami Adult Education Center website or call 305-981-6774.

North Miami Adult Education Center

CareerSource South Florida

CareerSource South Florida is a one stop shop for assistance with job placement, training programs, and other professional development resources. View the CareerSource South Florida’s website to learn more about services or visit the North Miami Beach CareerSource Center office at:
North Miami Beach Center
801 NE 167 Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Phone: 305-654-7175
Fax: 305-654-7188
Email North Miami Beach Center


  • Center Director: Roxanne Isaacs
  • Operated and Managed By: Arbor E&T, LLC