Purchasing Department

Mission Statement

The Purchasing Department is dedicated to the goals of competition and fairness. The department’s goal is to ensure that the citizens of North Miami receive the most advantageous value for all expenditures. We work as a team to ensure the procurement of materials and services are in accordance with City Code, Florida State Statutes and federal law. 


Our goal is to provide an uninterrupted flow of goods and services for the City of North Miami to operate with optimum efficiency. We are here to technically and logistically support the City Departments by executing efficient, effective, and expedient procurement of goods and services.


The City of North Miami welcomes new sources of supply and encourages vendors to submit vendor applications and participate in doing business with the City of North Miami. We aim to continually foster cooperation with departments, promote fair and equal opportunities for all individuals and businesses interested in doing business with us! Every effort is made to enhance the City’s reputation of fairness and equity to all vendors.

Procurement Ordinance

The Procurement Ordinance sets forth the provisions of the procurement of supplies and services, including source selection and contract formation.

Cone of Silence

The City of North Miami adheres to the Cone of Silence (PDF) as set forth in Section 7-192 of the City’s Municipal Code.