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North Miami, FL – 6/18/2012

North Miami, FL – June 18, 2012 – As the Mayor of North Miami, one of the most diverse cities in the state of Florida, Andre D. Pierre, Esq., has continued to express the need for immigration reform. Last Friday, June 15th, while Mayor Pierre was sponsoring legislation in support of the DREAM (Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act at the US Conference of Mayors, he received the news that the Department of Homeland Security will institute deferred action to certain individuals facing deportation proceedings. Known as DREAMers , the individuals must be under the age of thirty, must have entered the United States when they were 16 years old or younger, must have resided here for five continuous years and must be in school or have earned a high school diploma (or GED) or are honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

The deferment is an encouraging step in the right direction towards immigration law reform, but we cannot stop here,” explains Mayor Pierre. “Just in North Miami, I know several young people that are caught in such heartbreaking circumstances. Bright students like Daniela Pelaez, top of the Class of 2012 at North Miami Senior High, facing deportation to her family’s native Colombia, a country that she left behind when she was just four years old. There are others -- student body presidents, honor students, JROTC members -- that cannot plan for their futures, they cannot register for college, they have to put their lives on pause because they do not have a significant piece of paper that makes them legal.

Mayor Pierre sponsored a resolution (Resolution 39) at the US Conference of Mayors that urges Congress to pass the DREAM Act in its entirety. The resolution was adopted at the 80th Annual Conference of Mayors this past Saturday.

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