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North Miami, FL – 3/20/2013

4:00 p.m. - A precautionary boil water notice is in effect for North Miami residents along 135 Street from NE 22 Avenue east to Biscayne Bay following a water main break earlier today. The 8" pipe was severed during utility work at approximately 10:30 a.m. Repairs to the damaged pipe section were completed by 3 p.m. today.

A precautionary boil water notice is standard procedure if water pressure is lost during damage or repair. In this instance, water pressure was lost for a brief period of time during the repair work.

Under a precautionary boil water notice, the Florida Department of Health recommends the following methods of disinfecting water: 

  • Bringing the water to a rolling boil and holding it there for one (1) minute 
  • Using a disinfecting chemical. If you cannot boil water, you should put eight (8) drops of common household bleach which is about 1/8 teaspoon, into one (1) gallon of tap water, then shake it and allow it to stand 30 minutes before drinking. If the water is cloudy, use sixteen (16) drops (about ¼ teaspoon), shake it and let stand for 30 minutes before drinking. There should be a slight chlorine odor. Use common household bleach that has 5 – 6% active ingredients. Use food grade containers. Don’t use bleach that has perfume scents added. 
  • Using water purification tablets or iodine (sold at many sports or camping stores.)

Consumption includes brushing teeth, washing fruits and vegetables and homemade ice.

This precautionary boil water notice remains in effect while tests are conducted on the water samples by the North Miami Water Utility, in collaboration with Miami-Dade County Health Department. The notice will be lifted after tests prove the water is safe for drinking. Visit for updates.

North Miami water customers in the impacted area can contact the Winson Water Plant at Sunkist Grove at 305-953-2854.

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