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North Miami, FL – 11/24/2019

What happens when you combine the North Miami Public Library’s rooftop, a pumpkin and six bored teenage boys on Halloween night in 1969? In the city of North Miami, these elements resulted in the birth of a beloved annual mystery: Coxie’s Army and the North Miami Halloween Pumpkin Prank! This year the city of North Miami is commemorating the 50th year of this innocuous prank with a series of family-friendly activities introducing the tradition to a new generation.   

According to local folklore and validated through actual hand-written letters, six teenage members of North Miami’s Boy Scout Troop 42 deemed themselves too old for trick-or-treating…but too young for adult parties. In 1969, to fulfill their desire for a kid-like Halloween adventure, the boys formed Coxie’s Army, with a mission of climbing to the library’s roof, then up to its steeple, where they placed a smiling jack-o-lantern. For the last 49-years, Coxie’s Army managed to maintain this tradition…perhaps with a little help these days. True identities of the members, now believed to be in their 70s, have never been revealed.   

Every Halloween since 1971, Coxie’s Army has left rhyming letters outside the NoMi Library. Discovered by staff the morning after Halloween, the letter details the previous night’s climb and updates the staff on milestones of their personal lives. In the early 1970s, library staff began embracing the tradition by leaving poetic letters and Halloween candy out for the pranksters.  

Leading up to Coxie’s Army’s 50th Anniversary this Halloween, several fun activities are planned in the city of North Miami to honor the former scouts.  Friday, Oct. 25th, beginning at 7 p.m.,  children treading North Miami’s Halloween Haunted Trails, can visit Coxie’s Army Barracks to honor the former scouts by decorating Halloween pumpkins at MOCA’s Art Pavilion. They can also enjoy a kid-friendly video tribute to the tradition, written and produced by city of North Miami staff and illustrated by the MOCA Teen Art Force. This event takes place at Elaine Gordon Enchanted Forest Park, located at 1725 NE 135th Street, North Miami. Admission details are available online.       

Halloween night at 6 p.m., guests are invited to the NoMi Library to celebrate the 50th climb with scary stories, including the tale of Coxie’s Army and North Miami’s Halloween Pumpkin Prank and the Coxie’s Army History Expo. There will be snacks and giveaways. The North Miami Public Library is located at 835 NE 132nd Street, North Miami.  

Friday, Nov. 1st, at 10 a.m. the North Miami Public Library’s staff will host the Coxie’s Army’s 50-Year Letter Reveal. In the library’s courtyard, the note will be read aloud in view of the anticipated 50th Anniversary steeple pumpkin.      

For additional details or schedule a media interview about Coxie’s Army and the North Miami Halloween Pumpkin Prank, email North Miami Public Information Officers Eunicia Baker and Kassandra Timothe. To learn more about North Miami’s Halloween Haunted Trails and Kids Fun Zone, call the Parks and Recreation Department at 305-891-5535.  
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