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North Miami, FL – 11/29/2017

The City of North Miami’s Emergency Utility Assistance Pilot Program was adopted with a unanimous vote during the November 28 City Council Meeting. The Emergency Utility Assistance Pilot Program is an initiative introduced by North Miami’s District 4 Councilman Alix Desulme.    

This pilot program is estimated to launch in early 2018. It is designed to provide water utility bill payment aid of up to $300 to households in need. North Miami’s sanitation and storm water drainage services are exempt for this benefit.     Qualifying North Miami residents must provide valid photo identification, proof of financial hardship and a letter of final notice from the utility company showing intent to disconnect service. 

Qualifying residents must provide proof of household income less than or equal to 50% of the City’s median household income. The applicant must also be current on mortgage or rent payments. Assistance through the program will be granted to households once annually, on a first come, first served basis.  

“This utility assistance program will  provide vital assistance to our citizens with the greatest need,” said Desulme. “It will help them focus on other necessities such as food, electricity and housing. Since taking office, the utility bill has been one of the biggest issues for many of our residents. With the passage of this resolution, countless residents will be able to get a break.”   

The City of North Miami will provide $5,000 from its general fund to support the Emergency Utility Assistance Pilot Program. Supplemental funding will be provided through corporate and customer donations, non-profit organizations and City of North Miami employee donations.   

The Emergency Utility Assistance Pilot Program, benefiting North Miami residents will be facilitated by two non-profit organizations to be selected by the City Council. These organizations will provide bill payment vouchers directly to utility companies on behalf of North Miami residents.     

For more information, contact the City of North Miami’s Office of the Mayor and Council at 305-895-9815. 
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