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North Miami, FL – 11/25/2015

On Wednesday, November 18th excitement filled the room as the Miami-Dade County Historic Preservation Board unanimously approved the designation of the  Irons Manor Fountain (also known as Pioneer Fountain) during a public hearing held at the Bay Harbor Islands Town Hall. The 90 year-old Fountain, strategically located at the intersection of West Dixie Highway, NE 132 Street, and NE 9 Avenue, predates the incorporation of the city of North Miami and is now recognized amongst the ranks of Miami-Dade County’s significant Historic Sites.  

“The fountain is a special historic resource, not just for the City of North Miami, but for all of Miami-Dade County” said Sarah K. Cody, Miami-Dade County Historic Preservation Planner.   

The Irons Manor Fountain made from native Oolitic limestone rock is historically significant for its Florida vernacular style, which reflects the pattern of early development in the city of North Miami centered around public art and place making. The Fountain reflects the influence of the City Beautiful movement on the early development in North Miami, where developer V. Earl Irons instinctively erected the fountain in 1925 to serve as both prominent public art feature as well as a strategic landmark to aid in navigation.   

The city of North Miami was commended by the Miami Dade Historic Board and recognized for the historic significance of the Fountain and for taking the initiative to bring this resource to the County’s Historic Board for consideration.  The designation helps to preserve this valuable structure and allows the City to partner with the county in developing a restoration plan.   

The City’s Community Planning and Development Department submitted the application to the County for designation this past summer and plans to also pursue the National Historic Landmark Program in 2016.                                                                          
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