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Mayor Smith Joseph Initiatives and Programs

Since being sworn into office in November last year, Mayor Joseph hit the ground running as Mayor of the great city of North Miami. Mayor Joseph promised residents a new direction of positive change. He has made his Moving Forward initiative a priority to make the city a better place for citizens to live, work and play.

He will make community outreach and public input a high priority. Mayor Joseph proactive agenda will focus on several key areas, while also solving problems and providing strong leadership on day to day basis.

One of Mayor Joseph’s top priority is education. Mayor Joseph recognizes that education is one of most important tool in life. The quality of our public schools is directly linked to our city's overall success. Mayor Joseph will tackle education along with several other initiatives. North Miami is the City “On the Move”.

Mayoral Initiatives
Name: About the Initiative:
Age-Friendly City Striving to better meet the needs of older residents
Better Schools Promoting education and opportunities for all kids
Connect NoMi Aim to bridge the digital divide gap in North Miami
Innovating NoMi Moving Forward –reinventing North Miami to encourage more development
One NoMi Bringing residents together for a common purpose (NM)
Open NoMi Transparency in Government (Promoting transparency & Accountability- Empowering citizens to hold their governing accountable.)
Safer Streets Police – Public Safety (Restoring public trust and confidence in the Police Department)
Stronger NoMi Driving private-sector economic growth and job creation
Clean and Beautiful NoMI Current Initiative – Single Family Home Beautification Program


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