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D4 Initiatives

Established in 2015 by Vice Mayor Alix Desulme, these initiatives will continue to uplift residents of District 4 in the city of North Miami. District 4 (D4) Initiatives strive to improve the quality of life for residents while transforming neighborhoods throughout the community.


Chinatown Cultural Arts and Innovation District

On February 23, 2016, the North Miami City Council unanimously approved a resolution designating 16 blocks along North West 7th Avenue between North West 119th Street to North West 135th Street as a Chinatown Cultural Arts and Innovation District. The Chinatown master plan once completed, will serve as a design guide to ensure the future growth of the community and would make North Miami the first City in the state of Florida to officially develop a Chinatown.

For more information about the Chinatown Project, please log on to the project website: NorthMiamiFuture.com.

Resolution No.

A Resolution of the Mayor and City Council of the City of North Miami, Florida, authorizing the designation of the commercial areas along NW 7th Avenue between NW 119th Street to NW 135th Street as a ‘Chinatown Cultural Arts and Innovation District’; further authorizing the Interim City Manager to do all things necessary to create a master plan to serve as a design guide to ensure the future growth of the subject area; providing for an effective date and for all other purposes.




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Economic Development

"D4 Back to Work"

Since the last census, the population in North Miami has been increasing, so has the unemployment rate in North Miami. Employment opportunities — especially low to entry-level jobs for people with limited education and skills are harder and harder to find. Roughly thousands of residents in District 4 are unemployed and do not have access to jobs to give them livable wages.

“D4 Back to Work” The main goal of this initiative is to seek out and provide employment opportunities for residents living in District 4 by making connections with developers, job placement agencies, and career resource centers. The SoLē Mia Local Preference Office is looking for North Miami residents to provide FREE VOCATIONAL TRAINING in air conditioning & heating, carpentry, electric, or plumbing industry. Contact the SoLē Mia Local Preference Office for information on how you can receive a FULL SCHOLARSHIP today. Call 786-801-1366 or stop by the office located at 12540 N.E. 8 Avenue.

Keep D4 Clean Initiative

In partnership with Keep North Miami Beautiful, residents can gather together to schedule clean-up efforts in District 4. The City will provide water, snacks, and items needed for the cleanup. For more information and to schedule a clean-up, please call the District 4 office.


"Let's Eat Healthy in D4"

It is an initiative led by the office of District 4 Councilman Alix Desulme. Councilman Desulme is partnering with Youth Education through Sports (Y.E.S) and Farm Share to bring food to families and individuals in need in District 4.

Part of Councilman Desulme’s Healthy eating agenda is feeding individuals and families in need. This initiative is an effective, efficient way to get fresh produce, dairy products, and other grocery items to low-income residents.

Fitness: Sign up for membership and register at the Joe Celestin Center for Yoga, Body Sculpting, and Cardio workouts TODAY! Membership includes access to the Gymnasium, Game Room, Computer Lab, Reading Room, and Special Programs and Events.

Nutrition: Residents who live in the city of North Miami will receive healthy foods twice per month. Special accommodations are available for the elderly and disabled residents. Registration is required. Call 786-570-9502 for more details.

Senior Program: The city of North Miami’s Golden Silver Senior Program strives to provide the best quality recreational, educational and social programs to promote healthy aging while keeping our seniors engaged in their community. The group meets every Wednesday at the Joe Celestin Center from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Stop by the District 4 office to register.

Seniors in this program will enjoy:

  • Nutritious Meals
  • Social Services
  • Wellness & Fitness
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Education Workshops
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Field Trips
  • Games
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Residents who live in the city of North Miami, especially District 4 will receive healthy foods twice per month. To participate, residents will need to register with Councilman Desulme’s district office to get a personalized card. Special accommodations are available for the elderly, and disabled residents.


  1.  Must be a resident of North Miami (priorities are given to District 4 residents)

  2. Must register prior to food distribution date


On the day of food distribution, the doors will open at 3:00 p.m. (residents must bring a box to carry an allocation of food). Each household may receive one allocation of food. After the truck arrives on site, the food is unloaded, sorted, counted, the distribution begins. We anticipate finishing by 6:00 pm.




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