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Vendor Registration

In order to do business with the City of North Miami:

  • All vendors, including but not limited to, corporations, fictitious names (d/b/a), LLC, LP, non-profits, and foreign corporations must be registered with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations when required to by the State.  You can check your status at www.sunbiz.org.
  • Complete the City's Vendor Registration and IRS W9 Form.
  • Provide the Commodity Codes for the services your company offers.
  • Local Vendors must include a copy of their North Miami Business Tax Receipt in order to be indentified as a local business.
  • Submit your completed Vendor Registration Form by Email, Mail or in-person.

Changes to your Vendor Registration:
You must notify the Purchasing Department in writing of any change to the information provided on your original Vendor Registration Form, i.e., a change in your company name, a change in your payment or order processing address, and/or a change in your phone number(s).

Solicitation Notices

All of the City’s formal Solicitation notices are advertised on the City’s website at www.northmiamifl.gov/purchasing, the Daily Business Review and on DemandStar at www.demandstar.com.


Demand Star


The City utilizes DemandStar to better connect with vendors regarding bidding opportunities. DemandStar Free Agency offers a free notification service of solicitations issued by the City of North Miami.  At a minimal cost, vendors have the option to download bids from DemandStar. Along with DemandStar, the City posts all advertised bids on the City's website. Downloads from the City's website are at no cost.

Registration with DemandStar is available at the following site: www.demandstar.com/register.rsp.  For additional information about DemandStar services please call (866) 273-1863.                                      


Local Preference

The evaluation of competitive bids is subject to Section 7-151 of the City Code which, except where contrary to federal and state law, or any other funding source requirements, provides that a preference of ten percent (10%) of the total evaluation points or ten (10%) of the total bid price shall be given to local businesses. To satisfy this requirement, the Solicitation Respondent mus submit contract forms A-3 and A-3(a) (if applicable) with their submittal to receive local preference. Failure to submit the required documentation will render the Respondent ineligible for local preference. At least two (2) of the following criteria must be met in order to qualify for local preference:

  1. A business that is located in the City of of North Miami (City) with a current business tax receipt issued prior to the City’s issuance for supplies or services AND/OR;
  2. A business has at least ten (10%) of its total workforce residing in the City priort to the City’s issuance of the solicitation for supplies or services AND/OR;
  3. A business that subcontracts at least ten percent (10%) of the contractual amount of a City project with subcontractors who are physically located within the City.

Please review our Local Preference Ordinance to get complete details


Vendor Visitation

When seeking to do business with the City of Miami, the Purchasing Department should be your first point of contact. Unscheduled visits to individual departments are discouraged and may be counter-productive.

Though not required, appointments are the preferred method for acquainting the Purchasing staff with your business and will help you to complete your business with a minimum of lost opportunity. We suggest that initial visits be somewhat general, giving us an introduction to you and your product lines. Subsequent visits are ideal opportunities to explain in detail a single item or service that you provide. Line and business cards, catalogs, and price lists are always helpful.


Emergency Management  

The Purchasing Department maintains a comprehensive list of vendors for emergency management.  If you are interested in providing services to the City in the event of a hurricane or disaster, please submit the following information about your company via e-mail to: purchasing@northmiamifl.gov:

  • Business name
  • Type of service(s)
  • Phone #
  • Fax #
  • City/County
  • Additional Information: Provide us information for contracts with other governmental entities or municipalities for post hurricane goods and/or services that you have.


Cone of Silence
Pursuant to subsection (t) “Cone of Silence,” of Section 2-11.1 “Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Ordinance” of Miami-Dade County, a Cone of Silence is imposed concerning the City’s competitive purchasing process, which generally prohibits bidders communicating with staff or elected officials concerning the specific ITB/RFP until such time as the City Manager makes a written recommendations concerning the competitive purchase transaction. The statement fully disclosing the requirements of the “Cone of Silence” is detailed in every solicitation document.

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