Community Planning and Development - Neighborhood Beautification Award

Award Overview

The City of North Miami’s Neighborhood Beautification Award Program was designed to enhance the visual image of the City’s neighborhoods, improve its livability, and promote community spirit.


  • Residential: Single Family Home
  • Non-Residential: Commercial, Industrial, Multi-family
  • Areas of the City: East, Central, and West
  • Minimum Qualifications: No code violations, clean property, structural integrity of building, and paint color scheme.


All entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Architectural Appeal
    • Façade Features
    • Architectural Elements
  • Landscape Maintenance
    • Hardscape (Patio, driveway, Trellis, etc)
    • Plants/Trees
    • Lawn Ornaments (Fountain, etc)
    • Lighting
    • Well Maintained
  • Sustainable Design (Green)
    • Solar Panels
    • Awnings
    • Native Plants / (Xeriscaping) Drought Tolerant Plants

Judging Panel
The judging panel will consist of a committee comprised of a CP&D staff, Code Complaince staff, Parks and Recreation staff.

The committee will make a selection at the end of each quarter. Award recipients are honored and presented a plaque at the City Council meeting. Properties will be showcased on the City’s cable TV station channel 77, City’s website, newsletter and an award sign will also be displayed on the front yard of the property.

Any property owner can nominate their neighbor. Nominations can be sent to the CP&D Department. To be considered for recognition the property must be in total compliance with all city codes and ordinances. Properties can be nominated as often as warranted, but they cannot be selected winners within 2 years of the last award. Nomination forms are available online or at the Community Planning & Development Department, 12400 NE 8th Avenue.

For questions & inquiries please call 305.893.6511 ext. 19000 or e-mail

Simple ways to spruce up your neighborhood!!!

• Keep your yard neat and tidy;
• Remove all trash from your property regularly;
• Place all garbage/ litter in the proper trash and recycling container;
• Keep your driveway free of stains and discoloring;
• Keep your fencing in good repair;
• Cut your grass regularly;
• Trim your bushes and trees so that they do not obstruct sidewalks;
• Repair broken windows, doors and garage doors;
• Paint your home to avoid fading and rotting wood;
• Keep vehicles from the front of your home that are not moved daily;
• Help us maintain a safe neighborhood by reporting criminal activity!

Your home is the most valuable asset you own, every improvement you make increases the value of your home. Get involved!!!

Previous Winners

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