Community Planning and Development - 2017 Land Development Regulations and Zoning Map Update Process

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What is the LDR?
The chief purpose of the Land Development Regulations (LDR) is to implement the City’s Adopted Comprehensive Plan. As a growth management tool, the LDR aims to promote the public health, safety, aesthetics, livability and general welfare in the City of North Miami. It is a legal document that establishes consistent and predictable standards for the use of land throughout the City as well as rules of procedure for land development approvals. More specifically, the LDR seeks to provide for the proper use and occupancy of buildings, while, at the same time, promoting the protection and judicious use of the City’s natural resources, safe and convenient circulation of people and goods, and a healthful distribution of the City’s increasingly diverse population.

Why are we updating the LDR?
The current LDR, Chapter 29 of the City of North Miami Code of Ordinances, was adopted in 2009. This latest update constituted a major overhaul of the City’s outdated zoning ordinance (Number 798) as adopted on July 9, 1986, which was a revision of the zoning ordinance formerly codified as Chapter 29 of the 1958 Code of Ordinances.

The purpose of the LDR & Zoning Map update is to provide for certain amendments to ensure consistency with the newly updated goals, objectives, and policies of the 2015 Adopted Comprehensive Plan. This process also affords the opportunity to: (1) review and amend certain development regulations in the current LDR, which may serve as unnecessary regulatory barriers and hinder thereby the City’s economic development strategies; (2) streamline development procedures; and (3) make the LDR more market-friendly, sustainable and flexible in order to encourage design excellence in future development.










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