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Planning Section

Each applicant must ensure that all questions in the application and all required supplementary data are submitted at the time of the filing of the application and that all answers, plans and supplementary data are accurate and complete.

All required plans, supplementary data, mailing labels and fees must be submitted at the same time as the application is filed, or the application will be incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be scheduled for public hearing and will be returned to the applicant. The filing of an incomplete application will not reserve a place on the hearing agenda. An application submitted will not reserve a place on the hearing agenda. An application submitted prior to the deadline does not automatically ensure placement of the application on that hearing agenda.

All data submitted in connection with the application becomes a permanent part of the public records of the City of North Miami


Type of Application   Required Review
Checklist Administrative DRC Planning Commission City Council
Abandonment/Vacation of Right of Way        ✔      ✔          ✔      ✔
Amendment to Text of
Land Development
Regulations and
Zoning Map
      ✔              ✔      ✔
Conditional Use Permit and Amendment       ✔      ✔          ✔      ✔
Development Agreement       ✔                ✔      ✔
Development Application                           
Land Use Map 
Amendment and
Comprehensive Plan
Text Amendment
      ✔              ✔      ✔
Plat – Tentative Plat       ✔      ✔          ✔      ✔
Plat – Final Plat              ✔
Plat - Waiver of Plat       ✔              ✔      ✔
Telecomunication Service Provider Registration Information and Application Sheet       ✔       ✔      


Zoning Section



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