Community Planning and Development - List of Approved & Planned Developments


Project Location: 2451 NE 135th Street, North Miami, FL 33181

Project Description: The residential townhouse development is to be built on a 1.3-acre vacant site, east of Biscayne Boulevard, along NE 135th Street. The development is to include 18 townhouse units, grouped in 3 blocks of 6 units. Each unit is to have 3 stories and feature a kitchen, a dining room, a half-bathroom and an enclosed garage on the ground floor; three (3) bedrooms, two (2) bathrooms and an office on the second floor; and a terrace and spa on the third floor. As per the submitted letter of intent and plans (attached), the proposed residential complex will developed around an appealing modern architecture.

Project Status: Under Construction.



Project Location: 12800 Biscayne Boulevard, North Miami, FL 33181

Project Description: This commercial strip is being redeveloped to incorporate a new 45-square foot prototypical Publix and another 23,000 square feet of leasable space for the existing US Fitness Gym and additional retail; the McDonalds and multi-story bank are to remain. The central theme is incorporated from Johnson & Wales University (“JWU”) design elements to make sure the façade and back-of-house areas are in harmony with the JWU adjacent uses. Walkways and landscape details encourage pedestrian traffic from Biscayne Boulevard, surrounding retail centers and the university.

Project Status: Completed.



Project Location: 640-685 NW 133RD Street

Project Description: This four-story, climate-controlled, limited access storage facility was constructed on a 1.3-acre site abutting the I95 ramp, just south NE 135th Street and east of NW 7th Avenue. It has a total gross floor area of 100,960 square feet.

Project Status: Completed.



Project Location: 1995 NE 142nd Street

Project Description: This recently built, state-of-the-art car dealership flanks the FEC Railway along Biscayne Boulevard. This 4-story, 113,073-square foot facility meets sustainable green building standards, and includes sales, service, parts, parts storage, parking, as wells as a café. It is the Number 1 Audi dealership in Florida.

Project Status: Completed.



Project Location: 1396 NE 125th Street, North Miami, FL 33161

Project Description: The site plan for the U.S. Storage Facility was approved by the City’s Development Review Committee in 2015 and depicts a state-of-the-art, modern building, which includes 2 loading zones and a retail-customer service entryway. This foot storage facility is to have a gross area of 147,027 square feet that includes 1,132 units distributed among 4 levels and with sizes varying from 5x5 to 10x30, for a total net rentable area of 102,188 square feet. Similar to the 80 other facilities that the developer owns, operates and manages throughout several other states, this self-storage facility is to be equipped with key-code entrances, 24-hour video recording and climate-controlled units, among other amenities.

Project Status: Completed.



Project Location: 12121 NE 5th Avenue / 509 NE 121st Street

Project Description: East of 5th Townhomes was approved twenty (20) two-story townhomes, grouped in 2 clusters of townhome with 12 of these units comprising 1,370 square feet and the balance, 1,200 square feet. This project was able to accommodate that many units by tapping into pool of available floating units for areas outside the Neighborhood Redevelopment Overlay District (NRO). The development is to feature a park-like green area and playground, among other amenities.

Project Status: Completed.



Project Location: 13490 NW 7th Avenue

Project Description: Heralding the renaissance that is slowly becoming the hallmark of NW 7th Avenue, Family Dollar is to be the main tenant of this new commercial redevelopment being built on the former site of the Banco Popular building, occupying as much as 11,509 little of the total 13,000 square-foot leasable space. The remaining 1,511 square feet is to be occupied by a smaller, preferably locally-based tenant.

Project Status: Completed



Project Location: 1850 NE 123rd Street

Project Description: This project is being proposed on the former site of a Dodge dealership, which was demolished circa 1993 and has since remained undeveloped. The site currently has commercial land use and zoning designations, which prohibit residential. The developer intends to extend the boundary of the newly established Biscayne Boulevard Planned Corridor Overlay District to include and subsequently redevelop the subject site with a mixed-use project featuring 297 residential rental units and 18,500 square feet of commercial (retail and restaurant) space.

Project Status: Awaiting City Council Approval.



Project Location: 13400 NE 3rd Court, North Miami, FL 33161

Project Description: Family Dollar is intending to develop on a vacant, 2.07 acre site. They intend to develop in two (2) phases for a commercial strip. Family Dollar would be the main anchor with 9,180 square feet and 11,200 for additional commercial space.

Project Status: Completed.



Project Location: 1880,1890,1896 NE 123 Street

Project Description: Got Room is a limited access storage facility to be located on the southwest corner of NE 123rd Street and NE 19th Avenue, east of the proposed Causeway Village. The structure is to be 5-story high and include storage units and an office, which would have a gross floor area of 121,969 square feet.

Project Status: Awaiting City Council DRC approval.



Project Location: 15025 NE 18th Avenue

Project Description: The proposed limited access storage facility is to be located at the southeast corner of NE 151st Street and NE 18th Avenue at four (4) stories tall and 109,805 square feet, which includes a small business office. All parking areas will be secured with roll down gates on a modern design structure and metal decorative screening.

Project Status: City Council DRC approved.



Project Location: 840 NE 130th Street

Project Description: The proposed project is a 6-story, 67-unit, luxury condominium multi-family residential project. The project is located at is located at 840 NE 130th Street at the corner of NE 8th Avenue and NE 130th Street. The project features 1 to 2 luxury condominium units, sustainable green building design, transit oriented development components, a swimming pool and landscaped open space.

Project Status: In permitting.



Project Location: 950 NE 124 Street

Project Description: The proposed project is a Mixed-Use development featuring 7-Story, 175 Unit, Senior Living residential apartment building with retail space, a 6-story, 70 bed Adult Living Facility (ALF), and a 3-level parking garage. The project features sustainable green building design, transit oriented development components, roof-top amenities, a swimming pool, recreation areas and landscaped open space.

Project Status: Conditional Use permit, Bonus Density and Intensity approval, Site Plan approval



Project Location: 2321 Laguna Circle, North Miami, FL 33181

Project Description: The SoLe Mia Miami Development, consisting of approximately 193 acres in size, is located at the intersection of NE 151 Street and Biscayne Boulevard and is currently zoned PD. The site is located within the boundaries of the City’s Regional Activity Center. On November 26, 2002, the City entered into a developer’s agreement (referred to as the Munisport Agreement) with Preserve Partners Ltd (the developer) to develop the former Munisport site. The proposed master planned development is approved for a mix of uses which includes: 5999 residential units, 258,200 square foot office, 176,100 square foot retail and approximately 250 hotel rooms.

The Conceptual Master Plan of the overall SoLe Mia Development was approved by the City Council on October 10, 2006 through Resolution R-2006-128, with the condition that a conditional use permit and precise plan for each phase of the development be submitted for each phase of the development. The Master Plan was subsequently revised in 2013.

  • The Towers @ SoLē Mia
    SoLē Mia Miami will encompass two majestic rental towers within its residential park designed by world-renowned Arquitectonica. Sleek, curving balconies gracing their edges…glass rails defining their facades…the towers seemingly will interlock, creating an elegant and attractive dual silhouette. These two towers were purposefully designed to provide each residence with unobstructed, long-distance views. Decadent in-building amenities shared among the towers will include an elevated, monumental pool deck and sky park that captures the gentle, cooling breezes along with gorgeous panoramic vistas. Beneath the deck, an artistically shielded garage with ample parking completes the design statement between two spectacular residential towers.

  • Warren Henry @ SoLē Mia Miami
    This Warren Henry car dealership is to feature a spanking new 683,570 square-foot facility within the SoLē Mia Miami Development. This new facility will replace the original dealership currently located in the City of Miami Gardens, in an effort to meet new manufacturer guidelines for capacity, image and design requirements. This dealership will include Jaguar, Land Rover and Infiniti motor vehicles.

  • Costco @ SoLē Mia
    Costco is proposing to utilize a 13.6-acre site for a 154,645-square foot membership-only grocery, wholesale and retail store. This will also include a fueling facility with nine (9) double-sided fueling dispensers.




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