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Marie Frantz Jean-Pharuns, CFM - Housing Manager I
Telephone: 305.895.9824 - 305.893.6511, Ext. 12246

The Housing and Community Development Section's overall goal is to assist the City of North Miami in creating a viable urban community by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment and expanding opportunities, principally for very low, low and moderate-income persons/families (with incomes not exceeding 120% of median family income for the Metropolitan Dade County area). To achieve the above, the Section is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Administering local, state and federal funds designated for housing and community development.
  • Identifying housing and community development needs within the City.
  • Working with "not for profit" organizations to expand opportunities and quality of life for low and moderate income residents.
  • Planning, developing and implementing programs and activities to meet identified needs in housing and community development, such as homeownership, single-family and rental rehabilitation, public facilities and improvements.
A Housing Hotline has been establish to assist residents with theirs housing service needs - Need assistance with the following:
                    a) Report housing discrimination
                    b) Inquire about housing rehab services
                    c) Looking for information to prevent foreclosure
Call the hotline for information at 305.895.9808.

The City of North Miami offers several programs to promote affordable housing within the City. Deferred loans and grants are available for very low to moderate-income families who are in need of home repairs or are interested in purchasing a home.

Federal and State funding sources for the City's Housing Programs are the State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) program, the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and the HOME Investment Partnership (HOME) program.

PUBLIC NOTICE - Public Disclosure of Application for City Employee Participation in the Neighborhood Stabilization rental Program - Elize Benabe. (Review of opinion and written comment submittal will commence on February 25, 2015 through March 7, 2015. 10- day period)

State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP)  
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The City of North Miami SHIP Program encourages building active partnerships between government, lenders, builders and developers, real estate professionals, advocates for low-income persons and community groups to promote and produce affordable housing. The use of SHIP program funds is intended to increase the availability of affordable residential units by combining local resources and cost saving measures into a local housing partnership and using public and private funds to reduce the cost of housing. The City of North Miami SHIP funds may be leveraged with or used to supplement other Florida Housing Finance Corporation programs and to provide local match to obtain federal housing grants or programs. Specifically, the City has leveraged funds from Miami-Dade County (Surtax), Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME).

For questions, please call (305) 893-6511, Ext. 12157

Notice to Public - Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) - Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) - Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Action Plan & Public Meetings  
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The City North Miami is an entitlement community eligible to receive assistance under the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD] Community Development Block Grant [CDBG] Program and HOME Investment Partnerships [HOME] Program. As mandated by Federal Regulation, 24 CFR Part 91, the City of North Miami is required to submit an annual update of its Consolidated Plan. The update, known as an Action Plan, will reflect a collaborative process whereby North Miami establishes a unified vision of community development actions (interaction with municipalities, community organizations, civic organizations and private sector). This planning effort will cover the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME). All HUD entitlement communities must submit an Action Plan in order to receive these funds.

The specific strategies identified in the Plan to address housing and community development needs are as follows: provide affordable housing; expand economic opportunities; increase the capacity of public facilities and public services; and improve infrastructure.

The Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Action Plan describes the activities the City proposes to undertake to accomplish the objectives of the Consolidated Plan, are listed below.

Funding Allocation
CDBG Program Administration
CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program plus Recaptured funds
CDBG Economic Development
CDBG Public Services - Non-profit Community Based Organizations & YOB Program
CDBG Public Facilities (Parks & Recreation)
HOME Program Administration                                                 
HOME Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Set-aside
HOME Single-Family Rehabilitation Program
HOME First-time Homebuyer Program
HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program


"Hardest-Hit Fund" Program  
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The federal government has allocated funding to help pay the mortgages of qualified homeowners who are unemployed or underemployed through no fault of their own. The Florida Hardest-Hit Fund (HHF) program aims to assist qualified Florida homeowners by providing mortgage assistance for up to 12 months (capped at $24,000), or until the homeowner finds adequate employment to resume paying the mortgage (whichever comes first), with up to $18,000 available to reinstate a delinquent first mortgage prior to payments being made. Additionally, for a homeowner who is recovering from unemployment/underemployment, up to $25,000 is available as a one-time payment to reinstate a delinquent first mortgage.

HHF assistance is paid directly to the loan servicer/lender for those homeowners deemed eligible to participate in the program.

To find out if you qualify for assistance, please visit the HHF official website at to review eligibility criteria and to apply; please use Referral Code 19080 when completing your application. For further questions, contact the Hardest-Hit Toll-Free Information line at 1-(877) 863-5244, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The City of North Miami is an approved HHF Advisor Agency. After reviewing HHF program benefits/guidelines and eligibility criteria on the official HHF website, you may contact us for a pre-screening at 305-895-9828, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. or

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Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)  
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Quarterly Performance Reports

2009 2010
2011 2012
2013 2014


On September 8, 2010, U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Shaun Donovan, announced the award of a third round of an additional $1 billion in NSP3 funding to all states along with a number of counties and local communities struggling to reverse the effects of the foreclosure crisis. The funds are provided under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Like the earlier rounds of NSP grants, these targeted funds will be used to purchase foreclosed homes at a discount and to rehabilitate or redevelop them in order to respond to rising foreclosures and falling home values. Through NSP3, the City received an allocation of $1,173,374.

Quarterly Performance Reports

2011 2012
2013 2014


1st Time Home Buyer Down Payment/Closing Cost Assistance

Assistance is available to first-time homebuyers purchasing a single family home, town house or condominium in the city of North Miami.  Funds can be used for down payment or closing costs.  Deferred loans from SHIP (up to $25,000.00) and HOME (up to $40,000.00) are awarded to eligible persons who have not previously owned a home.  Funds are provided at the time of closing.


Paint Program

The primary purpose or intent of our paint program is to beautify communities and satisfy potential or existing Code Violations.   The scope of this program is limited to the unit exterior.  An eligible participant will select their colors and submit them to the Building Department for approval, as they must be in compliance with the City’s color chart.


Tenant Based  Rental Assistance Program

The purpose of this strategy is to provide one-time assistance to families whose rent have increased and can no longer afford to remain in that unit, those whose units are being gentrified, as in condo conversion or as result of unforeseen circumstances.


Currently applications are not being accepted for:

  • Single family rehabilitation program / Rehabilitation of Owner-Occupied Homes
  • Multi-Family Rehabilitation
  • Disaster Grant Program
  • Homeownership Development Assistance Program
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