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Sanitation Information

Sanitation Services Provided by Waste Pro of Florida, Inc.  

Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. began providing sanitation services to residential City of North Miami customers in March 2012. 

The privatization of sanitation services helps to reduce the fees for these services on your quarterly utility bill. 

If you have questions regarding your services with Waste Pro, contact customer service at 305-651-7011

For further inquiries, you can also contact the City Code Enforcement Compliance Division at 305-895-9832.

Solid Waste Collection Services - FAQ's  


On February 14, 2012, the Mayor and City Council of North Miami passed and adopted Resolution Number R-2012-18, authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement with Waste Pro of Florida, Inc., for the provision of waste management services. The resulting agreement between the City and Waste Pro commenced on March 1, 2012, for a period of five years.  As a result of the implementation of services by Waste Pro, the City has received questions from the general public concerning the specific collector and the provision of collection services. The following Questions and Answers are provided as a public service and reflect the majority of questions received by the City.

Questions and Answers

How will the collection services of solid waste be affected if I am a business owner in the City of North Miami and currently using a waste collector, other than the one selected by the City?
Your services will not be immediately affected. The City has notified all private waste collectors operating within North Miami, of its intent to have all Solid Waste Collection Services be provided by Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. In accordance with Florida law, the City may displace your service provider within three years time, commencing May 2012. If your contract runs out before the three year period, you may contact the City or Waste Pro, for services; or you may continue to use your current service provider for the time remaining.

What about for residential? Will that change?
Instead of operating 4 days per week, services will be provided 6 days per week, Monday through Saturday. Recycling collection services were conducted on a bi-weekly basis, and now they will be conducted on a weekly basis.

What about my rates for commercial/residential, will they increase?
Residential rates will decrease from approximately $51.50 per month to $26.00 per month. Commercial rates and /or multi-family rates may increase or decrease depending on the size of the container used and the frequency of pickup. For a majority of these accounts, there will be a decrease in the monthly rates.

What if I decide that I would still like to keep my servicer after three years?
In accordance with Florida law, the City may displace your service provider within three years time commencing May 2012, and commit to a franchise agreement with a sole service provider.

If I receive commercial or multi-family waste collection services, who will I pay my bill to?
Your bill should be paid to either Waste Pro or the City depending on which entity sends out the bill.

Why is North Miami making the change from doing the garbage pick-up itself to using Waste Pro?
It did in the hopes of achieving greater economies scale and therefore lower rates for services.

Why did North Miami just force us to buy a new container for our garbage pick-up, if Waste Pro will not use the containers we were recently ordered to purchase?
A request for obtaining or maintaining a garbage container arises out of code and safety concerns, and not the result of changing the service provider.

Why do some apartment buildings or condominiums continue to be able to use other garbage companies while we must use Waste Pro?
If you were previously being serviced by the City, then your services will be provided by Waste Pro.  If you were previously being serviced by a private waste collector, you may continue such services until May 2015, at which time the sole service provider shall be the company selected by the City. 

Who can be contacted if there are problems with Waste Pro services?
You may contact the City Code Enforcement Compliance Division at 305-895-9832.

What is the meaning of the letter the City sent to all the private haulers?
The letter was addressed to existing private waste collectors under franchise with the City of North Miami, and is required pursuant to Section 403.70605, Florida Statutes, to implement an exclusive franchise for the provision of solid waste services throughout the City.

Hurricane Preparedness - Sanitation Service Tips  

Before a Storm

  • ALL sanitation services are suspended when a Hurricane WARNING is issued
  • Do NOT put out bulk trash or yard waste when a Hurricane WATCH or WARNING is issued, or when a hurricane is approaching the area.
  • Properly trim and prune trees, shrubs and other plants
  • Remove all dead trees, branches, tree limbs, palm fronds, or dead coconuts and put out for pickup BEFORE hurricane season begins.
  • Store carts and bins in a safe place out of high winds or tie them down securely
  • Include large garbage bags with your emergency supply kit for waste disposal.

During a Storm

  • ALL Sanitation services are suspended DURING a storm.
  • Put all household waste in garbage bags for disposal and seal tightly to prevent unsanitary conditions.
  • Be prepared to store waste in sealed garbage bags for several days.
  • Do not forget to separate your recyclable items from your regular garbage.
  • Stay tuned to local television and radio stations for updates regarding City of North Miami operations

After a Storm

  • Be prepared for adjustments to sanitation schedules AFTER a hurricane.
  • Put all household, recycle and yard waste, in garbage bags for disposal until your regular services resumes. Place all trash in an accessible area away from POWER LINES, fences, and trees.
  • Please advise FP&L if there are any down POWER LINES in your area
  • Waste Pro 954-967-4200 17302 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pine, FL 33029


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