Code Compliance Department - Civil Violation Tickets

In March 2007, the Mayor and City Council passed and adopted an Ordinance that instituted a schedule of civil penalties and fines for code violation tickets.  The Civil Violation Ticket is a crucial enforcement tool that is used for curtailing or abating numerous violations of the City Codes, and for the protection of the public’s health, safety and welfare.  Ticket fines range from $100.00 to $500.00, and increase for repeat offenders.

Most Commonly Cited Violations
Keeping of fowl, poultry, wild animals or farm animals is prohibited. $100.00
Cruelty, neglect or abandonment of animals. $500.00
Keeping of more than four (4) doges over the age of three months. $100.00
Failure to have current rabies vaccination on a dog or cat. $100.00
Owning, possessing, keeping or harboring an unlicensed dog. $100.00
Failure to have a proper leash, collar or harness. $150.00
Failure to remove and properly dispose of fecal matter deposited by a dog on public or private property. $100.00
Owning, keeping, harboring or maintaining a pit bull dog within the city. $500.00
Failure to display identification number or letters on a building or individual apartment/unit. $100.00
Failure to remove storm shutters in accordance with city code. $250.00
Failure to main property in a clean and sanitary manner. $250.00
Failure to keep exterior property areas free from conditions likely to create a health, accident or fire hazard. $500.00
Construction or work without a permit. $500.00
Placement of bulk trash at curbside earlier than 24 hours prior to its collection. $100.00
Overflowing dumpsters and/or littered enclosures. $250.00
Disposing or commingling of dangerous materials or hazardous waste with garbage or bulk trash. $500.00
Keeping, storing or maintaining derelict motor vehicles or other materials on your property. $250.00
Engaging in a business, profession or occupation without having a business tax receipt. $500.00
Failure to renew and pay for the local business tax receipt. $250.00
Failure to post business tax receipt on the premises. $50.00
Maintaining a dirty, unclean swimming pool. $500.00
Failure to have a safety barrier surrounding a swimming pool. $500.00
Dumping trash, garbage, waste or other debris in a canal, lake, bay or waterway. $500.00
Cutting down, destroying, hat racking, abusing or moving a tree with a permit. $500.00
Use of a property not specifically permitted in the zoning district. $250.00
Sign displayed or erected not in compliance with city code or without a permit. $100.00
Improperly mooring of a boat. $150.00
Using a vehicle, trailer, camper van or bus for human habitation. $100.00
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